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Bloomberg: Stocks Trade Mixed Ahead of Holidays; Dollar Slips: Markets Wrap
Stocks in Asia were mixed on Thursday as heightened equity volatility and a slide in megacap U.S. technology shares gave investors pause. The dollar headed lower after two days of gains. [more...]

Bloomberg: Quant Style Crash That Strategists Warned About Finally Arrives
If you’ve been cursing at technology stocks for the past 24 hours, there’s another corner of the market that’s perhaps just as deserving of your anger. It’s called momentum -- quant jargon for stocks that have performed the best over the past year or so -- and it’s gone through a rare bout of pain over the past two days. [more...]

Bloomberg: Tesla Bonds Are in Free Fall
Elon Musk’s creditors are suddenly having a serious bout of buyer’s remorse. In August, they lined up for the chance to finance Tesla Inc.’s ambitious rollout of its Model 3 sedan. Wooed by Musk’s personal appeals, bond investors pretty much ignored the carmaker’s prolific cash burn and repeated failures to meet production targets and lent it $1.8 billion at record-low interest rates. [more...]

Bloomberg: How a Billionaire Crypto King Built the No. 1 Exchange in Just 8 Months
Even in a cryptocurrency industry teeming with overnight success stories, Zhao Changpeng stands out.
In less than eight months, the founder of Binance has grown his company from an idea into the world’s largest digital-asset exchange by traded value. He has vaulted from obscurity to the cover of Forbes magazine, steered Binance to a $200 million profit in its second quarter of existence, and amassed a personal fortune that he claims is worth as much as $2 billion. [more...]
Bloomberg: Amazon Loses $53 Billion in Market Value, Becoming FAANG's Biggest Loser
Move over, Facebook. U.S. investors have a new punching bag among the FAANGs:, Inc. Facebook Inc. gave up the top loser spot to, which lost $53 billion in market value on Wednesday after Axios reported that President Donald Trump is “obsessed” with regulating the e-commerce behemoth. [more...] 
Bloomberg: Snowballing U.S. Volatility Is Dragging Asia Stocks Along With It
It happens a lot. An American company like Facebook Inc. stumbles, its stock losing $23 billion of market value in a day. And then Japanese and Chinese equities with no obvious connection erase many times that amount over the next few hours. [more...]
Bloomberg: Hedge Funds That Are Short Dollar-Yen Stare Down Fiscal Year Squeeze
Just as hedge funds pile into wagers betting on dollar-yen weakness, signs are emerging that the pair is poised for a resurgence in Japan’s new fiscal year. The greenback’s failure to break below 104.50, seen by major Japanese banks as a key barrier amid a congestion of buy orders, is pointing to a potential bottom for the widely traded cross. [more...]
Reuters: Oil prices rise as OPEC seen continuing supply cuts through 2018
Oil prices rose on Thursday as the producer cartel OPEC and other suppliers look set to continue withholding output for the rest of the year and potentially into 2019. [more...]
Reuters: China warns U.S. not to open Pandora's Box, unleash trade ills on world
China warned the United States on Thursday not to open Pandora’s Box and spark a flurry of protectionist practices across the globe, even as Beijing pointed to U.S. goods that it could target in a deepening Sino-U.S. trade dispute. [more...]
CNBC: Tesla is on track for its worst month ever — down 24.86 percent so far
Tesla shares are on pace for their worst monthly performance as the electric car company faces a spate of recent issues. Tesla stock is down 24.86 percent in March, as of Wednesday, pacing for its worst month since the company first went public in 2010. [more...]
CNBC: It’s only a year to go until Brexit — but top UK retailers are frustrated they can’t prepare for it
In 365 days the U.K. will no longer be a member of the European Union. But U.K. businesses are still unware of how much they will have to change to continue trading with the rest of Europe — making it harder to plan for the future. [more...]
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