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Bloomberg: Stocks Decline as Trump Reloads the Tariff Bazooka: Markets Wrap
Stocks in Asia declined with U.S. equity futures, industrial metals and China’s yuan after the Trump administration released the biggest list yet of Chinese goods it may hit with tariff increases, a move that China said will force it to retaliate. [more...]
Bloomberg: Elon Musk Defends Mini Submarine Left Unused in Thai Cave Rescue
Elon Musk’s efforts to aid in the rescue of 13 people trapped in a Thai cave were ultimately unneeded, but the billionaire is confident his “kid-size submarine” could be used at some point in the future. [more...]

Bloomberg: Bitcoin Bull Sticking With $25,000 Price Target for 2018
This year’s cryptocurrency sell-off has done nothing to dent the optimism of Fundstrat Global Advisors head of research Thomas Lee. Already one of Wall Street’s most outspoken Bitcoin bulls, Lee is sticking with his year-end forecast of $25,000, more than 270 percent above current levels.  [more...]

Bloomberg: Here's How Markets Are Reacting to Trump's Latest Trade Salvo
Global markets already caught in the crossfire of Donald Trump’s escalating trade conflict with China took yet another hit Wednesday after the U.S. pushed ahead with plans to impose tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese goods. [more...]

Bloomberg: Bill Gross's Slumping Fund Sees $580 Million of Outflows This Year
Investors pulled a total of about $580 million from Bill Gross’s bond fund in the first half of this year and he turned in the worst performance among his peers during the period. [more...]
Bloomberg: Trump's Tariff List Targets High-Tech Minerals That U.S. Needs
Given the Trump administration’s stated aim of slowing China’s progress in matching U.S. manufacturing prowess, there are some curious inclusions on Wednesday’s list of new tariffs. [more...]
Bloomberg: Global Markets Are Shaking Off China’s Flashback to 2015
Investors are having flashbacks to 2015-16 amid fears over China’s industrial complex while the nation gets dragged into a trade war. But markets are unlikely to be revisited by the deflationary monster of years past. [more...]
Reuters: U.S. ups China trade war ante, threatens tariffs on $200 billion of goods
The Trump administration raised the stakes in its trade dispute with China, threatening 10 percent tariffs on a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, sending stocks lower and prompting Beijing to warn it would be forced to respond. [more...]
Reuters: U.S. job quits rate hits 17-year high; labor market tightening
More American workers voluntarily quit their jobs in May, government data showed on Tuesday, a sign of confidence in the labor market that economists say will soon boost wage growth. [more...]
CNBC: Trade war escalates: How China will get hit by Trump's latest offensive
Tuesday's threat from the U.S. of a round of 10 percent tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese imports could deliver a major blow to China's export sector if it takes effect. [more...]
CNBC: Start-up exec says his call for $60,000 bitcoin is still possible this year
Major cryptocurrencies may be off their December highs on the price front, but developments on the regulatory and infrastructure front continue to move ahead. [more...]
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